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The Hope Fund: Following Hope Through Injury and Rehab

Meet Hope. She was thrown from a vehicle in Louisville, KY, and then hit by another car in September 2010. The driver of a third vehicle stopped to help her, and the Animal Control Officers from Louisville Metro Animal Services responded doing triage near the site where 

she was found.

Hope was then rushed to Jefferson Animal Hospital where she was given immediate care to relieve her suffering. She later had to undergo $12,000 in surgery at Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services (LVSES). No Kill Louisville agreed to fund the surgeries and care Hope needed, giving her a second chance at life.

See the latest updates on Hope's condition below the donation button. 

Her full story begins at the bottom with the most recent updates at the top. 

Any funds raised above the $12,000 were earmarked to pay for rehab costs during Hope's recovery as well as the medical needs of orphaned pets in our local shelters and rescues; abandoned animals; and dogs, cats, and other companions pets who have suffered abuse through the newly (October 2010)

 established Hope Fund.

To donate via mail, send a check or money order to No Kill Louisville, "The Hope Fund", P.O. Box 6655, Louisville, KY, 40206.

On-Line Donations for "The Hope Fund"

Update March 2012: Hope on a nature walk!



Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - Hi everyone - we have happy news to share regarding Hope. She was adopted about two months ago. We waited to share the news only because we wanted Hope and her family to have some time to adjust. We received photos and an update a few weeks ago and are now happy to share that Hope is doing well and with a the perfect family for her.

As many of you may or may not know, No Kill Louisville partnered with the Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund. The organization handled her foster care and adoption process. 

We have decided it is best for Hope to keep the identity of her new family quiet, so she can enjoy a less hectic life. We can tell you she's very happy and has a doggy sibling to play with and love. She also will continue to see vets who have helped Hope throughout her surgeries and recovery.

Thank you to every single person who gave to Hope's care, sent positive thoughts her way, and have done so much to help that No Kill Louisville is now able to help so many other pets in need. YOU are why Hope's name will live on and her terrible case of abuse is now an example of the power of love. YOU each have proven that those of us who care for pets far outnumber those who abuse them.

You can meet Hope at two events each year - the Million Mutt March for No Kill Louisville and Art for the Animals for the Shamrock Foundation. This year, the Million Mutt March takes place on Sunday, October 16, 2011.

My best to you and your family both 2- and 4- legged members!

Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville

Thursday, March 31 - We just received an update on Hope from the group that's facilitating her adoption and overseeing her foster car - the Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund. This group and No Kill Louisville worked hand-in-hand to save Hope, but it fell to Rebecca Eaves with the Arrow Fund to oversee Hope's care after the initial surgeries. Everyone at No Kill Louisville is grateful for all Shamrock and The Arrow Fund do to help pets like Hope on a daily basis. Read on for the latest on Hope's story. ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville

Update on Hope: Hope was spayed early last week . We are hoping to have Hope in her forever home in the very near future. She is doing well and is still in the care of Dr. Lara Day and Dr. Tom Day. We are striving to make this transition for Hope a positive one. Words cannot express how thankful we are to the community at large ! We also must say, what a pleasure it was and is partnering with No Kill Louisville on Hope's case. Hope is planning on attending a few events in the next year. The Million Mutt March is one ! An update will be given once she is with her new family and settled in.

With Hope In My Heart,

Rebecca Eaves

Shamrock Foundation

Arrow Fund

Friday, March 18 -Our apologies for not having an update on Hope recently, but there's reason for that. She's doing great and continues to do great. There is not really much to tell except that she is enjoying life and things are going well for her. The Shamrock Arrow Fund will be handling her adoption and when this wonderful group lets us know an adoption has taken place, we'll let you know. For now, no news is good news. Thank you for all you've each done to help Hope through her surgeries, her recovery, and her new lease on life! Below is a short video on some of the pets you've helped through The Hope Fund which was established as a result of all the love and donations given by people like YOU!

~Thank you, Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville

Sunday, January 30 - We just got the following update from Hope's foster family. Doctors Lara and Thomas Day are such giving and wonderful people. We want to let the world know how much we appreciate all they do for Hope. ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville


Hope has regained all the strength she has lost. She is now a typically active Border Collie. So, active in fact, no one here can keep up with her. She tires us all out and wants to run, run, run. She is doing great in her obedience class at Almost Home Boarding and Training. She loves the attention and visiting all her canine friends and their people.

Hope sends tail wags and kisses to all her fans.


Tuesday, January 11 - Update (1pm): Another great update from Dr. Lara Day! Hope definitely likes a little snow. Everyone at No Kill Louisville greatly appreciates the Day family's commitment to Hope's recovery and rehabilitation. We will be eternally grateful for their efforts and work with here. Now, on the good stuff! Check out Dr. Lara Day's update below. ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville 


Hope is doing great! She has gained a lot of muscle mass and can run all day. She certainly tires us out! She loves the snow and will play, play, play.

Hope is doing well in her obedience class at Almost Home Boarding and Training. She is comfortable there and is seeking attention from the other people in the class. Of course, she wants to play with all the dogs too. I just wanted to share the great news that Hope has really come along way both physically and emotionally.

Hope sends tail wags and kisses,


Wednesday, December 29 - Update (11am): Another great update from Dr. Lara Day! Watch the video below, too!

"Hi everyone!

Hope had a great Christmas! We have family with dogs visiting, so Hope was able to work on her socialization skills. She loves all dogs, although wasn't sure of an exuberant 10 month lab mix puppy at first. They had to meet on opposite sides of a baby gate, as Hope isn't quite ready for that level of activity. 

 She is still very hesitant when meeting people, but doesn't take long to warm up to them.

Hope is able to run quite well now. Part of her rehabilitation is to chase a ball, ie play fetch. The problem is Hope is just not interested in toys. We found a way around that. She loves to chase my cairn terrier, Tali. So, we throw the kong for Tali and Hope chases Tali.

Hope sends tail wags and kisses to all!


Hope with Dr. Lara Day's young daughter and one of the Day family's terriers. 

Thursday, December 9 - Update (10:20am):

Great news! Hope is using her leg much better now the cross pins have been removed. I have been able to really focus on range of motion and strength building now. Hope, as usual, takes all of this in stride. She is feeling good and loves the snow. She really wants to run in it.

Have a good week,


Sunday, November 28 - Update (1:30pm): Hi everyone! I've received a couple of updates on Hope from her great foster mom, Dr. Lara Day. However, I've been out of town visiting my family so I'm just now getting to putting them on the website. I actually won't be officially back to my volunteer work with No Kill Louisville until tomorrow but I know many of you are waiting for the latest so I thought I'd post them while I had a few moments. 

My apologies for the delay. The updates are below and will be listed by the day they were sent to me by Dr. Day. Thank you for your continued support for Hope, her foster family, the incredible staff at LVSES, and for donating to The Hope Fund to help other animals in need.

Much love to you and yours,

Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville

Dr. Day's Updates

Thursday, December 2 - I wanted to give everyone an update on Hope. She is doing ok post surgery. Right now, I'm holding my breath, but it looks like she is already using her leg better. Unfortunately she lost more muscle mass during the weeks the pins were invading her knee joint as she couldn't bend it. Once I'm sure that leg is stable, I can really get to work on strength building.

The other issue is Hope is nervous around new people and crowds. She has gotten stress colitis each time she has traveled or met new people. Obviously, this is something that is detrimental to our wishes for her to be a spokesdog. However, I think this can be reversed as she really does love people.

Once her leg can handle it, I will start walking her at a park near my house so she can see people in a neutral environment. If she handles that well, we will build up to going to a more populated park and see how that works. Just like her physical therapy, it will just take some time, and we need to be cautious not to overdo things.

Tuesday, November 23 - Dr. Mesich says the bones still look like they are healing well. She believes one of the cross pins is what is bothering Hope now. However, she doesn't want to remove this one for a couple of weeks as she wants to make sure the bones are healed enough to do without the pin.

So, while it is good news that her bones are still healing, it is a set back in her physical therapy. While the pin is bothering her, I can't do strength building exercises and will have to hold off on starting her swimming. She is still having acupuncture, stretching, laser therapy and leash walking though. Hope is still happy and feeling good. She still wants to run. This setback doesn't seem to phase her in the least.

Sunday, November 28 - Good news! Dr. Mesich looked at how long the pins have been in Hope's leg, and decided the other ones could come out Monday! They will have been in for 8 weeks. I am convinced that much of the current issues are due to the rubbing of the pins. You can see them sticking out of her leg.

So, in about one week we will know if that did the trick.

Will keep you informed.


Thursday, November 10 - Update (3:28pm): INCREDIBLE NEWS everyone. Today, Hope had several pins removed from her hip area. My understanding is this should allow for more mobility. She walked on a leash without a sling recently, so things are progressing for her. The vets did not anticipate taking out the pins so soon, but there was a opening today atLouisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services and Hope was doing 

so well the surgeons removed the pins.

Hope still has several pins in her knee area, but there's a possibility those could be removed later as well. We're told today's procedure went well, and Hope came through anesthesia without a problem.

Also, we received the final bill from those first critical days when Hope underwent surgery. Many people also donated to LVSES directly, so the initial $12,000 we expected to pay came down to $8,800 thanks to those donations. In addition, because we partnered with Shamrock's Arrow Fund to help Hope and because they also raised funds for her care, No Kill Louisville and the Arrow Fund are splitting the bill. This is wonderful news because it means both NKL and the Arrow Fund will have funds left over to help other pets in need.

As always, thank you for your generosity in giving towards Hope's surgeries. YOU made it possible for us to not only help Hope but to establish The Hope Fund so we can help so many more animals. To meet some of the pets we're already helping through The Hope Fund, click here.

Much love to you and your family members - both the 2- and 4-legged kind!

~Jessica Reid

President and Co-Founder

No Kill Louisville

Wednesday, November 10 - Update (4pm): The latest update from Dr. Lara Day!

"Hope is still doing great. She had her recheck with her surgeon, Dr. Mesich at LVSES. All of Hope's fractures are healing well. The left hind leg is dragging a little bit though. Dr. Mesich will remove the pins in that leg, as they have done their job helping the fracture heal, but now they may be adding to why she is dragging that leg. So, Hope will be headed back to surgery soon, but this will be a quick one. She sends kisses and tail wags to all!" ~Lara

Monday, November 1 - Update (3pm):

Hi Everyone, I received the below update from Dr. Lara Day, Hope's foster mom, yesterday. It looks like Hope is moving forward in a positive way and is very happy in her foster home. It's been about five weeks since Hope was thrown from a vehicle. This update and Hope's disposition, which you can see in her latest photo below, just proves how important our mission is to continue helping other pets in need - whether abused or simply orphaned. Every animal deserves a little hope, don't you think? Thank you for all you've done to help this wonderful dog, and thank you for the love you give in your daily life to the pets you now have or have had in the past.

~Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville

Hope's Update

Hope has been given the ok to walk on the leash without the sling. She is walking, but does drag the toes on her left hind leg. She is scheduled to see her surgeon, Dr. Mesich, at LVSES this week for x-rays. Hope loves to be silly as you can see in the picture. She really wants to please and is learning her sit, stay and come commands well.

Take care,


Wednesday, October 27 - Update (10am): The search for the person or persons responsible for Hope's injuries continues. The reward for information leading to those responsible has grown to more than $8,000. If you know anything, please call 574-LMPD.

Meanwhile, we received the below note from Hope's foster mom, Dr. Lara Day. As you know, she is also working with Hope through her recovery. Dr. Day is a skilled Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and also works with pets to control and ease their pain. She is the perfect foster mom for Hope because she can help her through the coming months of rehabilitation.  

Hope is doing great. She really wants to run. [Below] is a picture of a beautiful quilt made for Hope by some wonderful ladies who also made a donation at the Million Mutt March. Hope loves to snuggle up in her blanket!

Take care,


Thursday, October 20 - Update (3:38pm): Just when I thought the photos couldn't get any better, Dr. Lara Day sent us the below yesterday. Our many thanks to Dr. Day for keeping us updated on Hope's recovery! On a side note, we hope to have The Hope Fund's official page launched by the end of the week or this weekend, so these updates will likely be moving. I'll give you some warning before then. Now, on to Dr. Day's wonderful note: 


Hope is very frisky this morning. Finally acting like the young dog she is, yeah! She really wants to run. She is not ready to walk without her sling, but I feel it's great that she wants to!

As you can see from her pictures, she loves to give kisses.

It was great meeting everyone at the Million Mutt March!

Take care,


Hope loves kisses and kiddos!

Monday, October 18 - Update (4:44pm): Dr. Lara Day actually sent this to us and the Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund yesterday, but I was wiped out after our big event. Sorry, for the late post, and many, many thanks to Dr. Day for keeping us updated on Hope's progress. It was truly a pleasure to meet her and her husband, Dr. Thomas Day. They are both very nice people. I wish I'd had more time to talk with them. By the way, this is my favorite photo of Hope yet! ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville


Hope wanted me to send her kisses and tail wags to all who asked about her at the Million Mutt March. She hopes to participate next year!


Friday, October 15 - Update (12:40pm): Thank you to Dr. Lara Day for yet another wonderful update about Hope. Also, I agree with Lara,we all hope to see you and others like you volunteering, donating, or fostering to help other shelter and rescue pets in need. 


This picture shows how relaxed Hope gets after her massage and acupuncture treatment. I have been receiving messages thanking me for helping Hope. The best part is many of these people have told me that Hope's story has moved them to volunteer to help other unfortunate pets. I sincerely wish that we continue to see an increase in foster and adoptions in honor of Hope.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, October 14 - Update (2:44pm): We've received this update on Hope from her foster mom, Dr. Lara Day. 


Princess Hope loves to be fussed over. She is such a loving, gentle girl. She doesn't like to eat out of bowl, and likes to be hand fed. My 16 month old daughter, Keanna, enjoys helping with this task. Hope gently takes each piece and Keanna laughs. Hope is feeling good, and really wants to play with the other dogs.

Take care,


Sunday, October 10 - Update (9:52pm): Dr. Lara Day wrote another update earlier today. It seems things are going well for Hope. We are looking to have the official "Hope Fund" page up and running in the next week. There are two animals that we've identified as the first we'll help with what you given in addition to Hope. More on those two coming this week! Now, on to Dr. Day's update:


Hope is such a loving dog, and she wags her tail constantly. She continues to do well. This is what her therapy included today: assisted standing and walking exercises, laser therapy, acupuncture, massage, passive range of motion and stretching exercises.

Tom, Keanna and I will be at the Million Mutt March Sunday with two of our rescue dogs.

Take care,


Saturday, October 9 - Update (1:14pm): We just received another update on Hope from her foster family. Here's what Dr. Lara Day wrote about Hope's progress and foster home:


Hope is feeling good. She is interested in everything around her, especially us and our fur kids. She really wants to stand and walk on her own. We can't let her support her full weight yet, but she can do assisted standing and walking exercises. She is a great patient and seems to accept that everything we do is to help her.

Here are a few pictures of Hope from this weekend.


Dr. Day (above) is pictured helping Hope with her therapy.

Hope (below) is pictured with one of Dr. Day's family members.

Friday, October 8 - Update (7:15pm): There is some wonderful news for Hope. She's now resting comfortably in her foster home. Even more wonderful and truly incredible, she's being fostered and cared for by Dr. Thomas Day, one of the vets who helped Hope, and his wife Dr. Lara Day, who helps rehabilitate animals and works with companion pets to manage their pain.

We could not ask for a better foster situation! Both are extremely experienced with animals and, this means, she'll get the daily rehab that she desperately needs to ensure her body heals properly.

Dr. Lara said today, "Hope is adjusting well in our home. Actually, there has been no adjustment at all. She feels completely at home. She's been giving us all lots of kisses."

Both have high credentials so it's wonderful for Hope:


She received her DVM from Texas A&M (cum laude) in 2002

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (2008)

Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management (2009)

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (2010)

Please feel free to visit her website at; She currently has a very successful mobile pet pain management service.

Thomas Kevin Day, DVM, MS Diplomate

American College of Veterinary

Anesthesiologists Diplomate, American College of Veterinary

Emergency and Critical Care Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management Certified

Veterinary Acupuncturist Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services Please feel free to visit LVSES at

Thursday, October 7 - Update (6pm): Hope continues to improve and she even stood on her own for a few minutes today! The official release from Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services (LVSES) says it was "unexpected." They also say that her swelling is improved and she continues to have a great appetite. Check out those great photos of her with Dr. Day!

Also, Rebecca Eaves with the Arrow Fund visited Hope today and gave her a snuggly toy that she laid her head upon right away. And, Hope is excited to see all the cards she got from local students. No Kill Louisville has also received many cards from those of you wishing her well, including some trinkets from the religion students at St. Rita's. Thank you to everyone, and we will pass these items on to the vet staff and to Hope! 

Currently we are sitting at nearly $22,000 for The Hope Fund and are working on the guidelines for this fund. We've decided we are going to help a local kitty whose leg is so deformed it's twisted backwards. Poor thing! So, this will be the first of many positive and helpful things you all are doing to help shelter animals in need. Of course, the cost for Hope's surgeries and rehab will be taken care of from this fund first and foremost. Anything above and beyond that cost will go to the medical needs of other, local shelter or abandoned animals.

My eternal gratitude for everyone who gave to help Hope and other animals in need. You are truly wonderful and caring people!

Jessica Reid

President and Co-Founder

No Kill Louisville 

Thursday, October 7 - Update (11:18am): Some good news for Hope. Today she took a few steps and even squatted to go to the restroom. 

She is doing very well and her condition continues to get better and better. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through recovery which will later be followed by months of rehab

Wednesday, October 6 - Update (3:14pm): Hope is stable and her condition continues to improve. Currently, she remains at LVSES where the vet staff is closely monitoring you. If there are any major changes in her condition, we'll upate you.

Meanwhile, the reward offered for help catching those responsible for Hope's injuries has increased from $2,500 to $7,500. If you have any information that could help investigators, please call 574-LMPD.

It is believed that Hope was thrown from a small dark car (possibly a Nissan) at approximately 2 pm on Tuesday, September 28 on I65 south near the Crittenden Drive exit (Silos). She was picked up by MAS and triaged by the MAS veterinarian and staff. Because of her severe injuries was transferred to Jefferson Animal Hospital and later Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency Services. She sustained extensive injuries. She’s undergone two surgeries, is on pain medication, alert and stable. The next step is her structured rehabilitation program that she will begin soon. 

Tuesday, October 5 - Update (3:00pm): 

Hope is off of the critical list ! She is in stable condition and in the first phase of recovery. Soon she will start a structured rehabilitation program. She is alert and pain is under control. Her temperature is normal and she ate well. This is the Best news we could get! Please keep her in your hearts and minds. 

Tuesday, October 5 - Update (10:47am): 

One week ago today, Hope was the victim of a terrible act. The community rallied around her as proof that Louisville, its residents, and thousands of other animal lovers here and around the world are better than this one act of violence and cruelty. We are the majority. Those who would hurt out companion pets are a shrinking minority.

Thank you for all you've given toward Hope's medical care and surgeries. We are currently sitting at $20,665.72 for "The Hope Fund." The Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund has also raised funds for Hope. The Arrow Fund helps animals who suffer extreme abuses.

Anything raised above the cost of Hope's needs by No Kill Louisville will go to provide for the medical care of shelter animals, abandoned pets, and other animals who, like Hope, are abused or neglected. We will build a page for our website in the coming weeks where you can monitor and meet each and every animal we help with this fund.

Now, an UPDATE ON HOPE'S RECOVERY, from Rebecca Eaves who is monitoring Hope's care closely:

Hope is alert. She had some pain during the night, the staff quickly addressed this. During the night she had a fever of 103, it is now 102. She has two catheters - one is urinary, the other is in her jugular vein. They are going to pull the jugular catheter and send it off to see if that is where the origin of infection is. They will put another catheter in her leg. After this , she will be fed. Thoughts and prayers as always, are needed. She is being monitored closely and is in great hands at LVSES.

I will check in around 2:30 for another update. Thanks everyone for loving this special little girl !

For Hope,

Rebecca Eaves

Shamrock Foundation

Arrow Fund

Monday, October 4 - Update (9:54pm): The vets at LVSES say everything they set out to accomplish during Hope’s surgery was completed. She has a lot of hardware in her knee and hip area. The knee was more badly damaged than they had originally thought before opening her knee up for surgery. It's why the surgery took longer than expected, but it went well. Hope is awake, and her pain is under control. The x-rays show everything is in place and where it should be.

On a pretty cool “side note” - a boxer who was visiting at the time, named Toby, gave blood for Hope to ensure she had all the platelets, etc, needed in her body to make it through the surgery. Toby’s owner is one of the vets at LVSES, so the staff at the office is invested in Hope’s progress as they all are with all their patients. Hope only needed one unit of blood during the surgery which is a good sign. Her platelets had climbed enough before the surgery, and she is now doing really well.

The surgeons at Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services (LVSES) have spent the last 10 hours helping Hope. Please continue to send them your thanks and support for giving their all!

Monday, October 4 - Update (4:45pm): Hope is still in surgery. It is expected to last another couple of hours. She is still doing fine under anesthesia. As stated before ,the knee was in worse shape than expected. There was a free piece of bone on the joint surface of the knee. They then moved on to the hip, where they are putting a toggle pin to stabilize the hip joint. The next phase will be to put a plate on the pelvic bone. Dr. Rizzo stated she is a "Fighter" and she sure is! When surgery is complete I will be called by Dr. Rizzo or Dr. Mesich. Dr. Rizzo- post surgery- will explain in a press release a more technical account of the procedures done on Hope today. Please continue to Pray for our "Community Angel " Hope. 

Monday, October 4- Update (10:10am): Hope is being prepped for surgery. Surgery is set to begin soon, and it is expected to take at least eight hours. For more details on what the surgeons will be doing, see our Day 6, 3:28pm update below. 

Sunday, October 3 - Update (3:28pm): Rebecca and Baxter Eaves with the Shamrock Foundation's Arrow just visited Hope at LVSES. They sat with her for a while and gave her a little kiss on the nose and told her the whole community was rooting for her.

She will undergo surgery tomorrow beginning at about 9am. It will be at least an eight hour surgery. The surgeons are going to put the plate on her pelvic bone and make sure her hip is in place. It's already in joint and they're going to make sure it's all the way it should be. She has a femur break around the knee, so the surgery involves her near as well. It's a lot to take on but the surgeons are going to try to get it all tomorrow.

She has been eating very, very well, and she gets very jealous when they pay attention to the other dogs. Her favorite thing is for someone to sit down with her and pet her little head.  

Saturday, October 2 - Update (9:20pm): We're told Hope continues to improve. She is doing "tremendously better" than yesterday. Her platelets continue to rise and things are going well. Hope still faces another round of surgeries, likely to take place on Monday, so continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  

Saturday, October 2 - Update (3:34pm): Please see our last update below for the latest on Hope's condition. Meanwhile, I just added up the donations for Hope's surgeries and rehab. This includes checks sent in so it's not on ChipIn. We're at a whopping $18,664.82!!!! That's not counting what Sharmock's the Arrow Fund took in. Can you believe that?? You all seriously rock. Anything above her surgery cost raised through NKL will go to "The Hope Fund."

Saturday, October 2 - Update (11:45am): Hope is still in the intensive care unit but she is doing well. She is trying to move around more. Her pain is under control and her platelets continue to climb. If all goes well, her surgery will likely take place on Monday. The vets and surgeons are very pleased with the way she's improved overnight. 

Friday, October 1 - Update (around 4pm): Hope gets laser treatment.

(video courtesy of Baxter Eaves)

For the deaf, there is no update in the above video only beeping sounds from the laser machine and Hope moving her head some.

Friday, October 1 - Update (Mid-Afternoon): 

This was the mid-afternoon report from Dr. Rizzo at LVSES. (video courtesy of Baxter Eaves)

For the deaf, please see the below 12:34pm update. It is very similar information, except that Dr. Rizzo adds that Hope is continuing to be monitored.  

Friday, October 1 - Update (12:34pm): The surgeons have decided they need to wait on the next rounds of surgery. Hope's platelet levels are a bit too low for more surgery but they are coming up. The vets are going to see if they can pull her chest tube. They are now trying to work out the best balance for the level of pain medications to use on her. If she's too knocked out from pain meds, she won't eat. She has gone through major trauma and surgery so the vets and surgeons are weighing the options for the best approach to her treatment. They are still feeling positive but being cautious. For now, it looks like her next round of surgery will not happen until Sunday or Monday. We'll continue you to update you as we learn more about Hope's medical care.

Meanwhile, if I have added everything up correctly, we're sitting at $17,853.33 for "The Hope Fund." The Chipin always seems to be a little behind our real number. Some of that is due to cash or check donations. Anything that goes above and beyond what's needed for her surgeries and other medical care will be used for the medical needs of other shelter, abandoned and/or abuse animals like Hope. We have decided to continue this fund indefinitely to meet these types of needs for as many shelter and abandoned animals in our area as possible. 

Thursday, September 30 - Update (11:40pm): We just got this note from the Arrow Fund's Rebecca Eaves - Her [Hope's] urine is clearing up, which is good. They are still waiting on blood work. She is still eating if you hand feed her. They will decide in the morning around 6:00 am if they will do more surgery tomorrow. A 4 year old little girl drew Hope a card and they took it to LVSES for her ! 

This community Rocks!

This community does indeed rock! I just did a tally since we're less than an hour away from 48 hours of fundraising. We're sitting at $16,999.69! That is incredible. Every single person who gave a little or a lot has given Hope, and other animals like her, a chance. On her behalf, I want to thank all of you for caring enough to take action. ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville

Thursday, September 30 - Update (11am): Hope is in critical but stable condition (her updated photo from this morning is to the right). The veterinarians say she is moving her legs a little which is a positive and encouraging sign for her potential for recovery. There is some blood in the urine so the vets are testing if that is simply a side effect of getting blood during surgery or another issue. They are monitoring her and will decide when to move ahead with her next round of surgeries based on her recovery. If she is doing well and continues to improve, the surgeons may begin the next phase as early as tomorrow rather than waiting until Monday. Please keep all the vet staff at LVSES and Hope in your thoughts and prayers throughout these critical days. 

Thursday, September 30 - Fundraising - Update (9:52am):

We've raised the $12,000 estimated for Hope's surgeries and medical care. Any funds raised above and beyond this will go to possible rehab costs associated with her recovery as well as medical needs of other orphaned animals in need at our area shelters and rescues, abandoned animals, and those who are abused. 

Thursday, September 30 - First Surgery Complete - Update (12:30am): 

Hope is out of surgery. The radiograph (msp?) looks good. She needed 1 unit of blood, 4 of plasma and had some trouble with clotting before surgery. Her lungs are holding and she is doing well. Another round of surgeries are likely Monday as the vets/surgeons "stage" her surgeries (do them in stages). Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she remains relatively pain free and can become stronger as she heals. 

Wednesday, September 29 - Update (09:04pm): The initial estimate for Hope's surgery was $8,000; however, following the surgeon's assessment that estimate has gone up to $12,000. We hope you'll continue to work with us to raise the funds needed for Hope's medical care, so we can give her the best chance for recovery.

Wednesday, September 29 - Update (4:40pm): I just got off the phone with LVSES' internal medical director Scott Rizzo. The staff has completed assessments of Hope's injuries. They are numerous and require complicated surgery: 2 spinal fractures, left femur fracture, dislocated hip, air in chest, bleeding in belly.

The surgeons will stabilize her spine and assess neurological functions and, if all goes well, do a second set of surgeries on Monday. She is now in critical but stable condition. Please keep Hope in your thoughts and prayers and donate to her care if you can. These next few hours are critical and will determine her potential for recovery.

Wednesday, September 29 - Update (10am): The Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund is helping us coordinate the care needed for Hope. They're right now (as of 10am on 9/29) working with the city-run shelter (LMAS) to transport Hope to the animal hospital (LVSES) where her surgeries can be performed. As part of this partnership, No Kill Louisville will raise the funds for her surgery and care and give Hope the best chance she has at living a full and happy life. 

The evening of Tuesday, September 28: Just before midnight, after being contacted by shelter staff for help at 9pm and following many talks with the vet staff at JAH and LVSES, No Kill Louisville decides it's in the best interest of Hope to help her get the surgeries needed rather than allow her to be euthanized. The Shamrock Foundation's Arrow Fund partners with NKL to oversee Hope's care while NKL works to raise funds. 

The afternoon of Tuesday, September 28: Hope is rescued after a driver witnesses someone throwing her from their moving vehicle along I-65 and another car hitting her. She is rushed to Jefferson Animal Hospital by a Louisville Metro Animal Services' Animal Control Officer after Hope undergoes triage in the field. She receives immediate and critical care at the hospital and is stabalized. At this point, her fate and chance for recovery are both in question. 

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