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Hope Fund Cuties!

The below pets were all helped with The Hope Fund and are now with loving families. Scroll down to read their inspiring stories that prove Hope truly does "spring eternal".

Cane - Adopted!

October 2011: Cane oozes enthusiasm! He is young and just a big baby, but he had a broken leg. The wonderful vets at Elk Creek Animal Hospital performed Cane's surgery. He has external fixtures that stabilize his leg. He barely even notices that his leg is on the mend! He has one patient foster family for keeping him quiet during his recovery.

Update December 5 - Cane has been adopted!

Alexander the Great - went to Rescue

Alexander the Great is a Pomeranian/Terrier mix who came to LMAS unable to walk. He drags his feet and, as a result, had some nasty sores on them. Alex has been in a wonderful foster home who has been looking after him, fattening him up a bit and making sure he is attended to and snuggled plenty. Alex will be getting a set of wheels! They will arrive sometime during the week of October 23. We will keep you posted on what he thinks about his new mobility.

UPDATE October 26 - Alex has his wheels!! A very, very special thanks to Dr. Cathy at Hoofstock Vet for donating his cart. It fits great!  

UPDATE December - Alex was transferred to a rescue group in Buffalo, NY: Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue.

Rugby - feeling better

A couple of months ago, No Kill Louisville contributed $250 to help with the heartworm treatment of a senior beagle named Rugby, who I pulled from Metro. It has been a long road but I am happy to report that last week he tested negative for heartworm! :-) I just wanted to update you and say thanks again for your help.

Angie White

Kentucky Animal Relief Fund, Inc

Rosie - Adopted!

Estimated Cost - $820

Already Paid -awaiting final bill 

We were contacted by LMAS about a Boxer who seemed to have been hit by a car and had injuries to one of her back legs. "Rosie" was taken to Jefferson Animal Hospital for additional evaluations. X-rays revealed pelvic fractures as well as injuries in her left back leg. The veterinarians did not recommend surgery, but instead recommended that she have her leg splinted and be on strict cage rest for at least 6 weeks to help her heal, with very little walking around in the meantime. Rosie is currently in a temporary foster home. Rosie is very sweet, she loves to have her head rubbed and her ears scratched. She loves the attention! She is quiet in her crate. She is extremely cooperative about everything.

Update: Rosie healed very well and retained almost full range in her leg. And even better news, Rosie has been adopted!


Estimated Cost - Currently approved up to $400

Already paid - waiting for bill 

Artie is another dog who came to Metro Animal Services in rough shape. He, too, was very lucky to find a foster home that could take care of him. Artie was suffering from a bad flea infestation and appeared to have a spinal injury that made him drag his back legs. He must have been doing that for awhile, because he had developed calluses on the tops of his paws. His foster mom cleaned him up and says he is settling in well and loves to snuggle on the couch. No Kill Louisville agreed to pay for Artie's initial diagnosis at Fairleigh Pet Center. Artie is not a good candidate for surgery, but it looks like wheels may be in his future! We will keep you posted!

UPDATE, January 5: Artie had some issues with his stool and returned to Fairleigh Pet Center. They're looking at a possible food allergy and/or other stomach problems. He's doing well but just needed some extra TLC. We'll update you when we know more.

UPDATE, December 30: Artie is now moving around much better, thanks to the great care from his foster mom. Looks like he will not need wheels after all! Artie's foster mom just had a new baby, so Artie is temporarily with another foster family. Here is what they have to say about him:

Artie is now walking (and doing something like running!), flealess, and back on regular dog food. He moved in with us a few weeks ago, and made himself at home. He is not intimidated by the big dogs, he likes to run after the cat (just play), and spends most of his time on a pillow or blanket near my husband, who he LOVES. Yes, he is an older guy, and he is a little gimpy, but he has a lot of love left to give. And another added bonus, he is an amazing vacuum accessory! No crumbs on the floor on his watch! So if you are looking for a low maintenance, calm, allergy friendly guy, consider Artie.

Hound Puppies - Return to Owner

Estimated - $800

Paid - $780 

UPDATE (August 30) - Only one of the two hound puppies survived the parvo scare. The good news is the puppies owner was found. Apparently, they'd gotten out of gate that wasn't secured. The other puppy is has home with his owner. Please keep the one who passed in your thoughts.

Thursday, August 11 - Both puppies are doing much better today. The one that was exhibiting strong signs of parvo is now eating. He's about to get another round of anti-biotics and fluids. The cost at this point is around is now at around $900 and is not expected to go any or much higher. So far, this has been the best possible outcome but keep these two in your thoughts. We still have not received a photo of the two but I'll share it as soon as I do get one in that works for the web.

Wednesday evening, August 10 - The two bloodhound puppies were found by animal control officers. One was showing signs for parvo and tested positive. Both are currently at Jefferson Animal Hospital undergoing treatment. It's expected to run between $800 and $1,000. Only one, the smaller of the two, is exhibiting clear signs and needed immediate, overnight emergency care which is why the cost is a little more. Please if you can give to this case, do so. We'll update you on both cases as we learn more tomorrow. (We're currently waiting on photos for these two.

Wylie Kylie - Adopted! 

Estimated - $100

Paid - $89

Meet Wylie Kylie! Kylie, a sheltie mix, was about 2 months old when she came to Metro Animal Services with a case of sarcoptic mange. Kylie went to foster care and her mange treatment was paid for by the Hope Fund. Kylie's treatment was by Iroquois Animal Clinic. Now that she is completely healed, Kylie is with Shamrock Foundation for adoption. Click here to learn more about Kylie!

Roscoe - Adopted! 

Estimated Cost - $250

Already Paid - $250

Meet Roscoe! Roscoe is a Boxer with Southern Indiana Animal Rescue (SIR). He tested positive for heartworms, but is luckily getting the treatment he needs and we are happy to be able to provide some financial help. You can read more about Roscoe on his Petfinder page!

Rally - went to Rescue (Chicago Canines)

Estimated Cost: $1600 

Meet Rally. Rally is a young pug/chihuahua mix that came to MAS with injuries to one of his back legs. Rally was taken to Iroquois Animal Clinic for an initial Hope Fund examination. From the x-rays, it appeared his injuries were at least a week or two old, and would require specialist attention. Rally was then taken to LVSES, where they examined him and determined the best course of action would be to perform an FHO on Rally's right leg. Although Rally can currently walk, his leg causes him mild to moderate pain. One complication was that Rally had an upper respiratory infection. It would be in Rally's best interest to recover significantly from his kennel cough before having to under for a 

potentially lengthy surgery. Rally has been in a temporary foster home to become healthy enough for surgery. Luckily, pain medication is working well to keep Rally comfortable in the meantime. He loves to be around people and to snuggle, and despite his injury, will wiggle around when he sees you, out of sheer joy. 

Rally's surgery will be scheduled for late in the week of March 6th.

UPDATE: Rally successfully had his surgery and went up for adoption at Animal House Adoption Center after several weeks in foster care for physical therapy. Unfortunately, Rally just was getting passed up time after time. After 6 weeks and no luck, he was transfered in late June to a rescue in Chicago:

Abby - Adopted! 

Estimated Cost - $800

Already paid - $1,238.42

Monday, March 14 - Abby is finally ready for a permanent home! If interested in adopting her, email me at [email protected]

Really, this cat couldn't be any sweeter. I know that first-hand because she's been my foster for about five weeks. When Abby first arrived at our home, she was very sick and malnourished. We were very worried about her chances. In addition, she had suffered some sort of trauma to her eye and for a while it looked like the eye might need to be removed.  

The poor little thing was cooped up in our guest room by herself with a cone around her head for a 

few weeks as we constantly applied different eye creams around the infection (that she was none too pleased about). But thanks to some excellent care from the people at Fairleigh Pet Center, Abby is now playful and happy and ready for another chance at a happy life (as you can see from her photo, she wouldn't stay still). She's a big talker and she's very lovey-dovey. Whenever I leave the room she grabs my legs as if to say, "Please don't go!"

It would have been a tragedy to think this sweet cat would have gotten left behind. Thanks to the generous from people like you, kitties like Abby who normally would have had no chance are now living happy lives and bringing joy to many Louisville families. Please pass the word about No Kill Louisville's Hope Fund and consider donating today!

Thursday, February 10 - ABBY ATE ON HER OWN!! In fact, she's ravenous and was jumping on the food as her foster mom took it out of the can. Dr. Gagnon prescribed a powder to mix with Abby's food that helps fight off viral infections. We barely had a chance to mix it into the food. It's a very positive sign, and we are hopeful for Abby. Her next appointment is Saturday, February 12. Cross your fingers and toes that she has gained some weight by then.

Saturday, February 5 - Abby went back to Fairleigh Pet Center for another check-up. She had not gained any weight and, in fact, had lost some pounds. Concerned, the vets did another blood panel. It turned out her blood is clean, she is just fighting off a very severe infection. Dr. Marie Gagnon gave Abby a long lasting antibiotic shot, more medicine for Abby's eye infection, and medications to help with her appetite and continue fighting her infection. Abby is still not eating on her own but must be fed with a syringe. 

Sunday, January 23 - The staff at Fairleigh Pet Center really did a great job with Abby. She seems to have a little more life and spunk to her. She's on three different pills, two for her infection and one to stimulate her appetite. Abby also needs fluids every morning to keep her hydrated. Everyone, please keep Abby in your thoughts as she fights to get better. 

Saturday, January 22 - Abby is back in her foster home after two days in the hospital. She is doing better but needs fluids and several kinds of medicines daily. The vet found Abby had a severe infection and would need several weeks of care. Please help us provide for this important care Abby needs to not only survive but go on to find a family she can love and live a happy life. Give anything you are able from one dollar to the full amount.

Thursday, January 20 - Abby was left at the shelter alone after her babies were fostered by a volunteer. She was already very sick and it appeared she would die from illness or the staff would have to euthanize her to end her suffering. No Kill Louisville's President agreed to foster this young mom, but it quickly became clear that Abby would need specialized vet care. She was taken to Fairleigh Pet Center on Bardstown Road where she was hospitalized. 

Murray- Adopted! 

Estimated Cost - $3,000 to $3,500

Already Paid - $3,440.50  

Monday, February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day! Murray's foster mom sent us a photo and update of him on Saturday, but I'm just now getting to all my emails. It looks like Murray is in great hands while he recovers AND does anyone have a guess for what breed he is?? :-) His foster mom's latest update is just below his photo. ~Jessica

Murray has had a really good day. He's moving around much better. Also, I am happy to report that he is housebroken - zero accidents. If you look closely at the picture you'll be able to tell he is actually wagging that beautiful tail. He has a wonderful disposition. Plus, as promised I'm changing the breed of dog I believe he is to Pekingese mix - the under bit is a real give away. : )

Friday, February 11 - Murray went home with his foster mommy, Kim, yesterday. He wasn't feeling great at the time, so it was hard to know how he'd adjust. But, I just received an update from Kim and things are now going much better for this boy. By the way, she also wonders what kind of dog he is! :D We hope to have photos soon so some of you can give us your best guesses. We just know he's small and adorable! ~Jessica

Hi Jess,

Murray is having a much better day than yesterday. He stands up & wags his tail when I go to check on him. His eyes are bright. He has eaten two (2) small meals & I've seen him drink water. He still hasn't mastered his 'peg leg'. Basically, he can stand, turn around, & hop forward a couple of times. But the most important thing is he is resting well.

I think everyone will have fun trying to figure out what breed Murray is. Right now I'm leaning towards cattle dog/border collie mix. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow. Whatever he is, he's a doll & a real trooper!



Thursday, February 10 - I'm playing some "catch up" today. We've had several pets enter the Hope Fund program, and I'm just now getting to the website. Sorry!

No Kill Louisville was called three days ago (late Monday) to help Murray. He's a funny little dog that's labeled as a Pomeranian-mix, although we suspect he's got something more to him. Poor Murray had suffered a painful injury to his shoulder. After we got x-rays at Fairleigh Pet Center, it was clear serious surgery was needed. Murray was transferred to LVSES, the same place that helped Hope.

Murray endured several hours of surgery yesterday and will likely have 12 weeks of recovery with additional appointments to ensure he's healing properly. We have a foster mom for Murray who is supposed to pick him up today or tomorrow. When she has a chance to snap some pictures, we'll get you some photos of this sweet, black and white boy.

Meanwhile, the surgery cost is very expensive, between $3,000 to $3,500, we're waiting for the final bill. If you can help us offset these cost, so we can continue to help other animals,please do. Every little bit counts when we're all giving. So, give $5 or $500, whatever works for you and your family. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Reese- Adopted! 

Estimated Cost - $100

Already Paid - $65.50

April 2011: Reese fully recovered from his mange in March, was neutered in early April and was adopted April 23, 2011! Congrats, Reesey!!

January 2011: Reese is an adult Beagle who came to Metro Animal Services with a bad case of sarcoptic mange. MAS staff contacted NKL to ask if we could find him a foster home and if we would consider helping him through the Hope Fund. Just a few hours later, Reese was on his way to his foster home. His foster family has fostered many mange dogs for MAS already, so this little guy is in good hands. He is a very sweet boy whose tail wags a mile a minute whenever anyone pays attention to him.

He is about halfway through his mange treatment and continuing to heal. Reese is under the excellent veterinary care of Grimes and Wood Animal Clinic.

Brunita aka Sophia - Adopted!

Estimated Cost - $1,000 to $1200

Final Cost - $1,989.11

April 21 - We received an update from Sophia's foster mom this morning - Sophia has been adopted from Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue! She was officially adopted April 8th and things are going great. Here is what her foster mom wrote us:

"I wanted to send you an update on Sophia (a.k.a. Brunita) in case you wanted to update No Kill's site. She was adopted by a nice couple in Northern Kentucky on April 8th. It was such a sad day for me because she is one of the best dogs I've ever met. She loved hugging, kissing, and sleeping in your lap. She is such a happy girl especially after all she has been through. I still miss her everyday.

At first her new housemates (2 elder cats and 1 dog) didn't care for her but they've finally adjusted. Her new mom said she loves to pull RayRay's toys out one at a time and place them all over the floor. She follows her new brother around like his shadow and is the funniest sight trying to keep up with him when they are outside. She races around like a little bunny rabbit. She is such a doll! "

Congrats, Sophia!! And thanks again to Sophia's wonderful foster mom and the hardworking folks behind Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue, and thanks to all who donated to The Hope Fund for Sophia. Sophia will live a long and happy life thanks to ALL who pitched in to do their part! Thank you!

Monday, February 28 (2:25 pm) - Brunita (now known as Sophia) officially went to her foster home with Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue last Friday. Here is an update from her foster mom:

Sophia (a.k.a. Brunita) is doing great. She gets along well with all 5 of my Shih Tzus and has even been curious about the cat. She sniffed Kitty and followed her around like she does the dogs. She loves to hang out with all the other dogs and chase them around the yard. She also likes to lay beside you or in your lap and give kisses. Definitely, a very sweet girl and great snuggler. So far she has been pretty laid back, gentle on taking food by hand, sits pretty when people approach her and does not jump on you. Now things can always change after a week or two but so far she is doing great. ... I groomed her yesterday which helped a lot with her itchy scabs. She has very pretty hair and was very good on the grooming table with de-matting,

blow drying, brushing, and also in the bath itself. I still need to clip her nails one night this week. Yesterday, I picked up a pretty blue & pink collar, matching leash, and a pretty purple sweater because the poor thing has been freezing with no hair. I took a few pictures today and hope to take some more tomorrow

with the sweater.

Tuesday, February 22 (2:27pm) - Brunita is healing very well, has finished all her medication, and will get her stitches out today. She loves to get belly rubs, give kisses, and be hand fed her food one kibble at a time. She sure knows how to work the cuteness! Brunita is pending a transfer from Metro Animal Services to Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue. Until then, she is in a temporary foster home. Brunita had to get stitches for about 5 different wounds, on her leg, chest, and shoulder. The staff at LVSES did a really terrific job with her, as usual! Poor Brunita is also covered in scabs, indicating smaller scrapes, so she truly is healing all over. It must have been a very terrifying incident, but she is bouncing back better than you might expect.   

Friday, February 11 (3:04pm) - Bruno is a Brunita - "he" is actually a "she" shih tzu. :-) The surgery went very, very well. The vets feel all the wounds were cleaned thoroughly. She's now very sedated with pain medication. The vet decided to increase the medication because "Brunita" seemed very uncomfortable. The staff won't likely try to give her food until tonight or tomorrow morning. 

She'll need a foster where she can fully recover, but they shouldn't need any special medical skills - only a place to allow her to rest and heal. "Brunita" won't be ready for a foster before Sunday or Monday. She should then be able to go into a home setting.

Thursday, February 10 (7:54pm) - We're in an emergency situation! A shih tzu was found with bite wounds covering his body. He's now at Louisville Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Services (LVSES) about to undergo surgery. None of the wounds hit major organs or arteries but the vets are going in to clean these wounds.

The dog was found in a Louisville neighborhood bleeding and suffering. It's not clear if he was attacked randomly or if he was used in dog fighting, but it is clear that he needs our help.

His name is Bruno and it's the second high cost surgery we've had in as many days. It's just one of those weeks. We don't have a photo yet of this guy either since it just happened. This surgery is estimated to run about $1,000 to $1,200. Donate if you are able! As always, every donation counts toward saving a life - the one you're donating for and future pets who we are then also able to help.

~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville

Parvo Puppies - All Adopted!

Estimated Cost - $750 a piece ($3,000)

Final Cost - $438 

**All the puppies have now been adopted!!**

Monday, February 7 - The last two puppies were doing great and were taken back to Animal House where they're up for adoption. This was definitely a happy ending to a situation that could have been

very sad.

Saturday, February 5 - Four puppies exposed to parvo were taken to Fairleigh Pet Center. None of the puppies tested positive for parvo, but two of them were getting lethargic. Those two received subcutaneous fluids and are staying at Fairleigh at least until Monday for monitoring. The other two were not lethargic and went back to Animal House.

LMAS staff had already bleached the kennel and planned to re-bleach it. The vet gave the puppies a dewormer that kills more worms than what is used at LMAS. She also sent a prescription for an antibiotic which LMAS does carry and LMAS will give the puppies in their care this medicine. The dewormer and antibiotic are a proactive measure to decrease worms/bacteria that may be currently impairing their immune systems, so that, should they come down with parvo, they will be better able to fight it.

Meet two of the puppies YOU helped through The Hope Fund.

Miss Watson

Update February 5, 2011: Miss Watson's foster family has now become her forever family!

Congrats, Miss Watson!

Miss Watson came to Metro Animal Services in very rough shape. She was literally skin and bones. She had no muscle mass, hobbled when she walked, and couldn't hold her head up. She had lost almost all of her fur from a flea allergy (and fleas were still crawling all over her). She had mild ear and eye infections. Miss Watson was very lucky to find a foster home. She has been nursed back to health for the last 2 months. Miss Watson is an older girl, approximately 10 years old, and is a Cairn Terrier mix. Now that she is feeling better, a really delightful, playful, fun personality is shining through. Miss Watson is still suffering from some secondary skin infections that make her back itchy. No Kill Louisville has agreed to pay for a portion of her vet visits through the Hope Fund. Miss Watson is under the veterinary care of Iroquois Animal Clinic.


December 30, 2010: No Kill Louisville was contacted late Thursday evening (around 8pm) by Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS), the city-run shelter, about Cassidy. This sweet dog had to have her leg amputated at LVSES. 

January 4, 2010: Cassidy recovered and is able to do everything a 4-legged dog can do and more. While at LVSES, one of the staff members at the vet office fell in love with her. Cassidy is now called Sailor and she is with her new family which includes two other doggy companions. As you can see from the photos, Sailor is happy and loving her new life and family!


Estimated Cost - $4,000+

Already Paid - $3,254

UPDATE (12/2/10) - Meeco's final doctor visit showed a full recovery with complete use of his leg. His foster mom found a great home for him and he was adopted last night. His new family has 

this to say: 

Well, he paced around for about an hour or more last night looking for you--going to the door, windows, back and forth. Larry took him for a walk and he finally settled down and laid on the dog bed. He hopped up on the couch with me and I couldn't resist him.

He knows a sucker when he sees one!!! We will have to see if that can continue! He slept like a baby upstairs on the foam dog bed--I heard him rustle around a bit, but I don't think he ever got up. Went out this morning for another walk and he has pretty much been following me around the house all day. I went out back to my studio for about 10 min, and when I got in you would have thought I had been gone for a week!! Bless his heart, I am sure he is so afraid of being left alone again. Right now he is chewing on one of the rawhides and is totally absorbed in that. He is really a keeper I do believe.

UPDATE (11/23/10) - Here is an update from Meeco's foster mom: "Meeco met with Dr. Sheldon last night. He did very well. We will be removing his stitches next Monday. In the meantime we are to do 20-30 repetitions of leg movement to help keep the circulation flowing, continue meds, and get some protein in him, he is still extremely thin. And of course still limit his mobility. She also stated that the 5 day period is the crucial point for a relapse or further complications and she is encouraged that we are thru the worst of it. I am encouraged by the weight and use of his leg he has started to exhibit and his appetite. The old Meeco was definitely shining thru yesterday. "

UPDATE (11/21/10) - Sounds like Meeco is in the clear! He was released from LVSES Friday and is back at his foster mom's house. She said he is doing great, he's happy and they are all enjoying a weekend of pizza, popcorn and movies (no people food for the dog, of course!). His foster mom wants everyone to know what an incredible dog Meeco is. 

URGENT UPDATE (11/16/10) - We've had a terrible and heartbreaking set-back with Meeco. Although, he was adopted and things seemed fine, it turns out he had a complication during his neuter that we were not aware of when he was adopted. 

He had a clipped femoral artery and was found bleeding yesterday.

Meeco is now at LVSES, the same place Hope was cared for during her surgeries. We're working out the best plan of action according to what the vets and the adoptive family think is best for Meeco. No Kill Louisville is willing to pay for what's needed and will update as you we get more details.

Meet Meeco. He suffered from an issue with his neuter that required surgery and fostering to save his life. A wonderful fosterer stepped forward after poor Meeco's rescue fell through and No Kill Louisville took care of the cost for the surgery and care needed for this sweet Jack Russell Terrier.


Estimated Cost - $100

Final Cost - $57.40 

Meet Emmeline. She's an older hound who was given up by her owner of many years. She went to one foster home where she was treated for a flea infestation and other issues. She also was very sick and couldn't seem to get over a cold. No Kill Louisville took her to the vet and two of our board members and co-founders took over her care, bringing Emmeline into their home. She responded well to medication and began to show her happy, go lucky side! Our board members then drove Emmeline to Nashville so she could catch a transport to her rescue, Homeward Bound Hounds. We'll let you know when she finds her permanent family.

Emmeline at her foster home before leaving for Homeward Hounds.

She was obviously feeling much better and reconnecting with the hound dog inside of her. :-) 


Estimated Cost - $400

Final Cost - $362.94

Meet Bolt. This sweet kitty was suffering from an old injury that caused her leg to twist as she grew until it was almost completely backwards. She needed her leg amputated or would face euthanization. The Director of the New Albany/Floyd County shelter contacted No Kill Louisville asking for help. Despite what she suffered, Bolt had a fantastic, energetic personality and great outlook on life. Everyone at the shelter wanted to save her.

The Surgery: Bolt's surgery took place on Monday, October 11. She was spayed first and then her leg was amputated. It took a little over two hours for the entire surgery, but it went very well. The bottom leg had been twisted and regrew into the "upper leg" this required more removal of the "upper" leg than we thought would be needed.

Bolt was adopted the first week of November 2010!! Congrats, Bolt!

Bolt and her new mommy.


Estimated Cost - $200 to $300 (includes follow-up visits to vet)

Already paid - $86.22

Meet Barroo. This young pup was brought into Louisville Metro Animal Services with a broken leg. The vet staff did their best to set the break and put on a case. However, the shelter does not have an X-Ray machine to ensure Barroo had what he needed, so they called No Kill Louisville to help. 

The Treatment: No Kill Louisville found a wonderful foster family who agreed to foster Barroo as he healed. On Monday, October 18, Barroo's foster dad took him to Gailor Animal Hospital in Louisville, KY, where the vet staff had X-Rays made, reset the split, and treated Barroo with antibiotics for kennel cough.  

Barroo Now: Barroo was adopted in November 2010!! Congrats, Barroo! 

Update January 14, 2011: An update and great pics from Barroo's new family!!

Barroo (now Austin) has brought such joy to our home right from the first day he got there. We took him to see our family veterinarian right away, to make sure all was well with his leg and to get him an overall physical exam. The new x-ray showed that his leg was doing well and was healing properly. When he first came to our home, he still showed signs of tenderness in his leg, as he would often hold that paw up off the ground to keep pressure off of it. As time has gone by, we have noticed that he no longer does this, and it is a sign to us that his leg must now be fully healed. 

The vet also told us that he is a very healthy dog. One of his favorite activities is going outside and running in the yard with his new brother, Eli. They have so much fun running and chasing each other around the yard. Even after running and going out in the cold weather to play, he shows no signs of discomfort with his leg. Austin and Eli get along really well and they love to play with their dog toys together. Occasionally, Eli gets a little grumpy and does not want to play, but this does not phase Austin, as he just finds Mark or I to play with him or he gets his toys and keeps himself occupied.

Austin has also learned to go to the door and ring the bell when he needs to go outside to potty. We showed it to him a couple times and he picked up on it very fast. We have also found that he loves watching football, which is good because that is how we typically spend Sundays during football season. He also made his first long road trip over to Central Illinois with us to visit Mark’s family for Christmas. We couldn’t have been prouder of him; he was perfect in the car ride and was very good at adjusting to being a guest in someone else’s home. We truly feel that we couldn’t have found a more wonderful, sweet, and loveable dog. He is the perfect fit with our family!


Estimated Cost - up to $400 - Surgery Sponsored by Beth Mattingly*

Final Cost - $115 

Meet Domino: a small chihuahua/jack russell terrier mix with abroken leg that has become twisted and may be painful. We're currently awaiting word from Louisville Metro Animal Services about when we can remove Domino from the shelter and into a foster home, so we can get him to a vet as soon as possible for treatment.

Update - 10/22/10 at 11:51 a.m.: We just received word that a foster will be picking up Domino today after 1 p.m. Thanks Carrie, a NKL'er who stepped up to help! Also, our thanks to the staff at Louisville Metro Animal Services for working with us on this case so we can all help Domino! He'll be seen by the vet on Wednesday unless an earlier appointment opens up. We'll keep you posted. 

Update - 10/27/10 at 1:42 p.m.: The good news is Domino is doing well and serious surgery was not needed. The vet examined Domino and realized surgery was unneccesary. Dr. Gailor said Domino does not seem to be in any pain. Also, he is missing a couple toes so the vet thinks Domino was born 

with a birth defect and he has learned to use his leg for balance on occasion but not constantly. They are afraid if they amputate the leg, he'll lose his sense of balance and have to learn to walk again. The vet checked out his overall health, updated vaccinations, and neutered Domino. If any issues arise, No Kill Louisville will pay for his health care.  

Domino was adopted in November 2010! Congrats, Domino!!

Update - January 2011: Domino is now named Cooper and is enjoying a great life! Check out this cute picture of him all snuggled up.

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