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2022 Pet Angel Tree Program

Our Pet Angel Tree program is set up just like charities do for children in need. We ask local businesses to allow us to set up Christmas Trees. The trees are decorated with paper ornaments and other Christmas décor. The ornament tags have 1-2 items off of the wish lists of local animal rescues and shelters.

We ask the patrons of those local businesses to take as many tags as they like, purchase the items on the tag, and return it and the tag to the business and put it under the tree.

Periodically, our volunteers will go by and pick up the donations so the businesses don't have a tremendous amount to deal with. The first week of Jan we break down all the trees and then distribute the donations to the rescues and shelters.

Below is a list of the rescues, their wish lists, mailing addresses for shipping items not on Amazon, and links to make monetary donations.

If you have any questions at anytime, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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