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No Kill Louisville's Pet Food Bank

located in Louisville, Kentucky!

2012 Northwestern Parkway,

Louisville KY 40203

Hours of Operation: 1st Saturday of each month.

Appointments are available from 12pm - 3pm.

New and Existing Recipients can schedule an appt below.

Schedule an Appointment

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (502) 536-8PET (8738)

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How can I get pet food?

If you wish to participate, you must complete an application. This application will be completed when you click the "Schedule an Appointment" button above.

  • One application per household.
  • We ask for personal information when you apply but DO NOT share it with anyone and all information is kept strictly confidential.
  • We reserve the right to make exceptions based on individual need.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under any circumstances.

How often can I get pet food?

Food is distributed when donations are available. Applicants will not be able to pick up more than once a month.

  • We offer temporary assistance for feeding pets. We are not to be used as a permanent source of pet food.
  • We are providing a service to the community and ask that all recipients only return to the food bank as they need assistance so that we can help as many pet owners as possible.

What paperwork is required?

Proof of spay or neuter is required for all dogs and cats.

  • You will have 30 days to provide proof of spay or neuter for each pet. If your pet is not altered, you have 60 days to have it done. If your pet is too old or has a medical condition that prevents the pet from being spayed or neutered, you will be required to bring a note from a vet. If you are unable to spay or neuter your pets due to income, NKL will provide a voucher for services as long as we have funds available (first come, first serve basis) or provide you with information on other resources. (See additional resources)

We require proof of income for all individuals living in the household. All decisions will be based on the income level at 200% of the federal poverty level. (See chart)

Acceptable forms of proof of income include:

  • A copy of the latest income tax return
  • A copy of the latest check stub
  • A letter signed by a social worker or employee of an agency helping you get other types of assistance that confirms your income level
  • Other papers that provide proof of monthly income (or lack thereof), such as Social Security Award Letter, Unemployment check stub, and/or Disability check stub.
  • Food stamps or Medicaid eligibility letter

I need more food than they gave me. Why can't I get more food?

We serve many, many low or no income families each month. To ensure fairness and that their supply of pet food goes to as many families as possible, we must portion out the pet food. Portions are based on a variety of factors including the weight of animals and how much of donations we have at that time.

My pet is picky or has special needs. Can I get a certain kind of pet food?

We cannot guarantee any brand or type of pet food. All of our food is donated and comes from many places and in many brands.

We consider special requests for certain formulas or flavors of dog and cat food, but we are only able to give what we have at the time the request is made.

You may receive a different brand and/or amount of pet food each time you come in.

  • When you receive pet food from the Food Bank, you are aware of the potential risks involved with feeding your pet(s) a new food, since it's unlikely the pet food received is your pets usual brand.
  • By accepting food and/or services from the Food Bank, all household members, their friends and family, agree not to hold the Food Bank, its staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) becomes ill or the food upsets the pet(s) stomach.

Can someone bring pet food to me?

We simply do not have the resources, volunteers, etc. to do this.

Can I pick up food for someone else?

First time applicants must come in to set up account and must bring Photo ID. On the application is a place to name any authorized person(s) to pick up food on behalf of the applicant. This authorized person(s) must bring in Photo ID to pick up on your behalf.

Sponsored by:

Your business could be listed here! Contact us about potientially sponsoring our Pet Food Bank!

[email protected]

Our thanks to the following groups for donating pet food regularly:

Dare to Care Food Bank

KY Humane Society

Select Walmart locations

Select Kroger locations

How to get to our Pet Food Bank:

If you would like more information on participation requirements, how to donate, 

or how to volunteer, please contact NKL Pet Food Bank at

Donate to the 

Pet Food Bank

Donate on-line or mail a donation to: 

"Pet Food Bank, PO Box 6655, 

Louisville, KY, 40206"

For details on volunteer opportunities at the pet food bank, click here.

Food and Other Donations

Pet food distributed by No Kill Louisville is donated by producers, stores, and individuals.

If you'd like to donate food to help your neighbors and their pets in need, stop by our warehouse located at 2012 Northwestern Parkway, Louisville 40203 between 12pm and 3pm on the first Saturday of each month or contact us at [email protected] to arrange pick-up or a delivery time.

General Monetary Donations

These funds will be used to replenish the pet food bank and/or for other needs at the food bank such as office supplies to keep the pet food bank running so we're able to help more people.

Your Contributions Make the Difference Between Home or Shelter, Pet Food or Electricity --->

and then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Your support makes it possible!

No Kill Louisville


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